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Community Outreach Committee

Shakti Radhakishun


Mayra Arrigazzi
Katherina Capra
Nada Haddad
Suely Argianas
Katya Talavera
Rosario Kaune
Gaston Betoled
Anne Solomons
Dr. Yasemin Gokalp
Kymberly O'Brien
Olena Fedorchenko
Virginia Lujan
Natalia Jaramillo
Toni Clem
Chris Delboni
Sergio Buth
Eric Goeres
Rosario Lago

To bring the experience and awareness of the gold standard of coaching to all individuals, igniting learning, growth, well-being and fulfillment to our communities and coaches!


The ICFSFL Outreach Committee members bring powerful and creative program ideas to fruition, with a high focus on delivering exponential levels of opportunity for transformation and growth through coaching! Our goals include:
• EMPOWER our communities with awareness and experience of the gold standard of coaching
• ENABLE resources for local private + public organizations in terms of reference, research, support and events related to coaching and coach training/experience
• ENGAGE impactful partnerships with profit, non-profit and educational organizations
• EMBOLDEN our communities with the coaching experience and coaching mindset
• EXPAND ICFSFL member body participation and experience in Outreach Committee - embodying leadership, collaboration, professional growth and accountability


WE Evolution Partnership
For the fifth year, ICFSFL Outreach Committee partners with WE Evolution towards empowerment of the WE Evolution members who choose to participate in the WE Power Coaching Program, where ICFSFL Member Coaches offer six coaching meetings to WE Evolution members. Coaching topics take both personal and professional focus and our past program feedback from WE members includes an appreciation for the self-awareness, clarity in critical decision-making considerations, confidence and more!
World Happiness Foundation Partnership
For the second year, ICFSFL Outreach has partnered with the World Happiness Foundation in their local Miami in-person multi-day World Happiness Fest! ICFSFL partners with WHF as Facilitators and Speakers.  
In tandem to the WHF 2024, ICFSFL Outreach has also partnered with WHF in offering a Coaching Program to WHF ambassadors to bring the power of coaching to those who make a meaningful social impact in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals! Our member coaches offer 6 pro bono coaching meetings to each signed up WHF ambassador!

International Coaching Week

ICFSFL Outreach continues to focus on bringing opportunities of learning, growth, speaking engagements and the coaching profession to all. We bring value to coaches and non-coach individuals in our community - from any sector and industry - showcasing how coaching may be relevant to individuals in all areas of our society.  This event embodies our passion for coaching excellence and community.
Step Into Coaching
Customized for companies and organizations who are not familiar with the impact and benefits that coaching of its employees and leaders may have on not only the individuals but also their associated organizations, our volunteer coaches partner with signed up organizations to ignite the experience of coaching in 3 pro bono sessions to employees and leaders.

Coaching in Education
In partnership with the World Happiness Foundation, ICFSFL Outreach has redesigned its Coaching in Education program - partnering students in one or more educational institutions by offering them 6 pro bono coaching meetings where adult students of all levels in their educational track can explore their values, purpose, potential, strengths, mindset and goals - while also coming up with actionable plans towards reaching those goals! ICFSFL takes great pride in opening up this opportunity to students, who have a huge impact on our societies and our future worlds.

Coaching for Social Impact
Coaching for Social Impact is tailored to bring awareness and experience of the gold standard of coaching to non-profit organizations. We're excited to present our coaches the opportunity to coach employees and volunteers of high impact organizations in 3 pro bono coaching meetings, empowering them towards fulfilling lives and impactful goals!
Coaching in Athletics
ICFSFL Outreach is honored to initiate a program for athletes and sports coaches. With a keen awareness that athletes may face significant mindset challenges that impact their performance in the field or in competition, this program is directed to both athletes and coaches to receive coaching sessions that, in tandem with the athletes' physical training, may bring about a shift in mindset that empowers resiliency, stress management, confidence and other areas in the individual that support a winning mindset.
ICF Ignite
Ignite - engaging coaching for humanity and the planet - aspires to "leverage the collective power of ICF Chapters, members and credential-holders to accelerate positive impact on humanity and the planet. Through pro-bono or reduced-rate coaching engagements to leaders, employees and beneficiaries of organizations supporting the United Nations Global Goals, Ignite empowers meaningful social impact on a global scale."
ICFSFL intends to include at least 3 programs in the Ignite initiative and is honored to participate in this ICF Foundation Program!