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If you want to promote an event, activity, or course that provides benefits to our coaching community, you can now advertise them using the ICF South Florida communications platforms.
Sponsorship is an excellent opportunity to inform coaches about your organization, and it supports our community, creating awareness about valuable offers that support their professional growth.

To be eligible for inclusion, a submission to the Community Calendar must be specific to the coaching industry and be for an event, series, or program.
Product sales and non-coaching specific events are ineligible.
Listing Details
The event will be listed by date and will feature the Name of the Event, Event Organizer & Logo, Event Price, three-line description of the event, and a weblink to the event.

The fees are scaled in accordance with the ticket price listed for the events.
We offer a 20% discount* on the fee when you provide a discount for our ICF South Florida Members. Important: member pricing only applies to events put on by an individual or an entity that the member owns/controls.
The member pricing does not extend to events put on by an organization where the member is an employee.

Event Ticket

Monthly Price to Advertise on Community Calendar

Member Pricing
(20% Discount)*

$0 - $50



$50 < n ≤ $100



$100 < n ≤ $250



$250 < n ≤ $500



$500 < n ≤ $1000



> $1000



How to submit an Event Listing
To list an event, email the following information to

Event Lister Information:
•    Contact Name
•    Contact Email
•    Contact Phone Number
•    ICF Chapter Member Status [Yes or No]
•    Individual or Organization Name putting on the event
•    Profile of Individual or Organization [coach, HR organization, service provider, other]

Event Information for Listing:
•    Event Name
•    Format: live, virtual, other
•    Event Date
•    Event Price
•    Type of offering: single event, series, coach training, etc.
•    3- line description of opportunity, objectives
•    Weblink to the event registration page
•    Logo.  Logo format should be 468×60 pixels, 300 dpi, jpg or gif, animated gif format not exceeding 50kb.
•    Number of months to list an event
•    Start date for listing
•    Member discount/coupon (if applicable)

As a pilot project, and in line with our efforts to continually monitor and improve performance, we ask those listing events to provide us with post-listing feedback on their experience – the number of people who checked out the event or ultimately registered as a result of the Community Calendar listing.

The appropriate committee will verify the content, and once approved, you’ll receive the invoice for payment.

To be part of a specific month newsletter, the submission must be sent no later than the 15th of the month before.

How the event will be listed

1 – Events Calendar – the event will be listed as sponsored.

2 – Instagram and Facebook – 2 posts in each media, before the date of the event.

3 – Newsletter – 1 time – Sponsor area

Ad submission guidelines
Content: It can only include information related  to a specific event.
Name of file: Files should be named including the name and date of the event (eventname_May_7_2021)
Size of image (max): 1080 x 1080 pixels
Format: JPG, TIFF, PNG
Recommendation: Please avoid face close-ups when sending photos

If you have any questions, send your question to